Seasons greetings


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Bah Humbug :lol::lol:

Seriously, thanks for the well wishes Mike and Bill. Tis the season to be thankful for so many things.

My sincerest best wishes to you both and all of our MIMF family for a Merry Christmas and New Year.

To those who are offended by "Christmas", then happy holidays to you in whatever fashion you celebrate the season.


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Merry Christmas

christmas.gif Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Remember the reason.
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Very best wishes to all for uplifting, joyous music and a very Happy Christmas!
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John Watt

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I'm sharing, and offering, all the sentiments I'm seeing here, with the nice graphics,
even if I'm coming from the Niagara Peninsula, where a "sensible Christmas" is spreading.
I'm seeing a St. Catharines radio DJ, reading some of my domain over the air,
as starting that.
For sure, there's my rationale, and the history and traditions I describe as corporate advertising,
but the amount of immigrants from all around the world is helping that as much as anything else.
That's what business and Niagara Parks people say, about Niagara Falls.
It's not Americans any more, making up the visitors and shoppers, it's become a global business.
You can see bus loads of people from India, going to college,
or a convoy of tour buses full of oriental people, pulling up in the Table Rock parking lot.
On a long distance bike-hike, sometimes I'm the only white person looking down at the Falls.

Nikam! I see your location is Scotland, so...
Bay-an-uck let... blessings on you, and I do feel I have some to give.
For Auld Lang Syne.
There is a Metis tribe here in northern Ontario, Cree and Gaelic, some wearing kilts,
and speaking a language of their own.