Some desktop wallpapers for ya :)


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Here ya go Desktop wallpapers 1024x768
[image][/image] <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> </pre><hr /> <a href=>Click here</a>


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Hmm... are we getting a little US-crazed here?


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Hey! I personally like the US! Hehehe. Why don't foreign countries like us? Just wondering....


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Invading sovereign countries aside, maybe it has got something to do with the way Americans wave their patriotism in the face of everyone. For example, you don't see anyone sporting their flag the way Americans do; and it may be considered a tad arrogant (bordering on religious fanatic?) that you guys say that it's God's own country... I don't remember the US being mentioned in the Bible..

I'm also sure that the US would be more well-liked, if she would care to listen more to the opinions of the UN and other countries in general.. Noone likes a bully..

And in case you're wondering, I'm not in anyway "hating" the States, I'm only offering (a part of) an explanation

John Watt

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About the topic of anti-Americans, our friend must be younger than me.
I thought all that came out in the 60's with the bestseller "The Ugly American".
That dealt more with the attitudes of Americans while on vacation around the world.

"The Global Village", by Professor Marshall McCluhan, out the same time, is much better.
He also wrote "The Media is The Message".


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John, my memory of Americans travelling around Sydney in the 1970s was plaid shirts and patterned trousers, with loads of attitude.


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The best wall papers to get is from the Weather Channel
on line. They have some beautiful ones. I don't have to
worry about that since I have windows 7. Windows 7
has wall papers all ready set up for you to pick from.
judy tooley


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I have only just re-visited this thread. There are some lovely pictures on that site Stephen.