Some proper guitar playing


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(Bet some of the musical heathens out there never heard of Charlie Christian nor Wes Montgomery!)
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John Watt

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Well, Dorsetmike, you've got another guitarist on your hands... me! John Watt.
How does that confibulate?
When I think of Charlie Christian,
I think of him taking a record player arm and taping it to his guitar,
pushing the needle into the body to get more volume,
and playing through the record player as an amplifier.
That's what let him play single note solos you could hear in a jazz band.
When I think of Wes Montgomery, I think of him not using a pick,
and even if his full-body acoustic-electric made sounds in different acoustic/electric ways,
even if it's being hurriedly tossed on the bed,
he never did that through his amplifier.

You're using the words "proper" and "heathens".
There is Proper English and General English, according to Scottish people.
Proper English is the language of Kings and Queens, Judges and Lawyers.
Almost anything you can pronounce is part of that dictionary,
and saying what you mean and meaning what you say is most important.
General English avoids the big words and uses more slang.

Final reply? It's too bad they're both right-handed.