Songs that make you want to dance.


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Disco music, tango, and salsa is some of the type music that makes
us want to dance. What is your favorite dance music.
judy tooley


Admiral of Fugues
I'm so over Piazzolla I can't beGIN to tell you. Our national broadcaster go him into its radar a little while ago and we were inundated with his music. Lovely it is ...


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Oops! Your computer does like mine sometimes. It's time somebody
answered this thread. Only two have answered since I put it out
weeks ago. Yeah! I was listening to the Bee Gees while ago with
You Should Be Dancing and then I listened to the Mayan tribe music.
I have some American Native in me somewhere through one of my
great great grandmothers. I saw her picture in Victorian cloths.
She favored some of the Mayans although here in this neck of the
woods. You had Cherokee not Mayans.
judy tooley

Gary Blanchard

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Reggae music always makes me want to dance. The Grateful Dead song Franklin's Tower also gets me moving. "If you get confuesd, listen to the music play..." :D

Corno Dolce

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For the times when my Lady and I wanna get funky I'll crank the volume with *1999* by Prince :D:D:D:D



Boogie Nights by Heatwave
Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb
Car Wash by Rose Royce
Good Times by Chic
Night To Remember by Shalamar
I Got the Feelin' by James Brown
Brick House by The Commodores
Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry
Let's Groove by Earth Wind and Fire
Dazz by Brick
ABBA - Dancing Queen (like CT64)

Songs by Kool and the Gang, KC and the Sunshine Band and like CD, Prince.

Songs by Jamiroquai.

Songs by Michael Jackson and the Jackson5.

And much, much more. :grin:

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
Hi Ms. RoJo,

As I said before - You Rock, baby!!!!!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


CD :):):):):):):)


On occasion, yes. And sometimes groove too. :grin:

Just kidding; I know what you meant CD, and thanks. :)


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I agree with Judy Tooley,
Being from south Florida for so many years, Gloria Estephan is THE driving force in music down in Miami...well, so is Linda Cox. Between Salsa and Dance/Techno, these two artists have it going on.

Personally, now with all the dance shows back on the tellie I am in absolute love with ballroom dance again. The tango (especially Argentine), all the latin dances, quick step all make me want to get out the dancin shoes again.

John Watt

It's interesting looking over this forum, the inputted and outputting. Rhythms, not songs, make you dance. The greatest dancing is the rhythm of the body and soul, accompanied by great musicianship. Being with a dancer is like being with a singer or musician. You never know when the spirit moves the other person to express themselves, enticing you along with their artistry. Once, backed into an alley between criminal enterprises, I was confronted with a crowd that blocked traffic on Main St., creating crowds on both sides and across the street. Men and women much larger than me were closing in, letting a lack of Police presence embolden them. Suddenly, Master Kim, from South Korea, a true martial arts Master, Doctor and Olympic team coach, friend and sign customer, was before me. It looked like dancing, how quickly he moved, how he waved his hands and pointed his fingers into the faces and bodies of everyone around me. I was slightly amazed and amused, and he turned to shake my hand and say loudly to call him soon, before he sauntered away, people making room. He diffused the situation, known associates to murder now mumbling to themselves. He moved to British Columbia soon after that.
I was going to output some descriptions of people who commandeered the dance floor, to dance while we played, by request, and of people who got me or a group dancing for what and when we would least expect. Beautiful, beautiful! Jumping way up and down offstage with my guitar, playing with my teeth (chipped a tooth once) I never got in trouble licking girls behind their knees, or biting and pulling on dresses, during legal age shows. Of course, having a solid wood bodied guitar you could knock someone over with without detuning, allowed certain excesses. Of all the musicians I worked with, it was usually the drummer who would jump offstage to dance, and hurry back up. Drummers! Being able to drum on an object, to communicate, was the first profession of mankind. Boogying and bugging out to it must have been irresistable.
as allways, John Watt.