Songs that make you want to dance.

White Knight

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Now now Steve. you know you will upset Colin.
Was good though wasn't it


Teddy, I'll just have to take that chance, now won't I?
And yes, those songs were--and still are--"ass-kickers", regardless of what Colin or anybody else thinks of the artist who performed them.
I'd add three others as well from the Bee Gees and the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever: "Night Fever", "Staying Alive" and "Tragedy".

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
Which Strauss? Richard, Franz-Joseph, or.............:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

btw: Strauss means "Ostrich" in Russian


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The great waltzes from the two Strauses is great for dancing.
I also like to dance to some kinds of Mexican music.
judy tooley


Nice clip Hawk. It helps prove that music and dance are the same all over the world. I am fascinated by the aborigines dances. I really must try and watch more (hint hint Margaret)



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Hi there. I too love Salsa and Kizomba music, but as a white bloke with two left feet, I can't dance for toffee!

Love 50's and 60's Cuban stuff- Celia Cruz etc... but also try to get myself a bit modern. Quite like Rihanna, who occasionally nods to latin american rythms. I found this interesting- raunchy lady- see if you like?

Went to Havana a few years back. Ace. Mojito heaven!!