Sound Forge


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What exactly are you thinking of using it for ? Simple editing of sound clips or mastering the audio ?

Have you considered other apps such as Wavelab, Audition/Cool Edit Pro or even the free Audacity ?


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Hi I do use sound forge but only in conjunction with Cubase vst 32 I find that cubase does everything that I want I have tried most but always come back to cubase once you get the hang of it there is not much you cannot do with it try my web site the free download is done on cubase in a home studio if you need details of equipment use I will be glad to let you know Sparky

Naomi McFadyen

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I use SoundForge to make MP3s of my music.... and to convert WAV files into MP3.... think it's a great piece of software.... but don't use it for anything more exciting I'm afraid!