Spam in our pipe organ forum

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Be carefull !!! We are under the attack of nasty people. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

All the threads with ***** (5 stars) on the right of the title seem to have received strange message and/or porn pictures.

My thread "Passacaille chromatic" has got 3 spams. The first one has been removed.
The same day, there has been a spam from the same guy, in two other threads of pipe organ forum : in Pipe organ cd's/ collection and I do not remember the title of the last one. They have been removed too.

Have you noticed the 5 stars on the right of the title. I think all these stars come from the spammer, to catch your attention, it do not come from our forum. May be there is or there has been spam in all the threads with *****.

For instance, look at stussyQueuelf 's post in the thread H.HERON
In the Thread "Famous organist" there is also a strange post : Test, just a test with a strange message in hexadecimal.

I suggest you never follow the links given by new members (registred in february 2009), coming from countries where there are not organ, like malaisie, egypt.... Be carefull.

What do you think about that ?
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Just click the red triangle on the left, at the bottom of the posters details, to report a post to the mods/admin.


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The staff of the forum is aware of this. These postings are done by a Spam Bot ... a machine in other words. This latest siege by Spam Bots is a new twist for this forum ... a revision of the forum software is the only option, and that takes a little time to make happen as hundreds of pages of software code need to be re-written, and this can only be done manually ... it takes time.

Please just use the red triangle and report the post - it will be taken care of as soon as possible.

The forum staff cannot patrol this forum 24/7 - You can help us out greatly by using the red triangle only. When you report a post, it sends an email to each member of the forum staff. When you do that, the report includes a direct link to the actual post, and we can go directly there and take care of matters. Otherwise, the staff must go through every single thread and every single post looking for this crap ... that takes hours to accomplish.

Thanks for you support and understanding. We are working on a resolve to the issue ... and you must admit that we, in actuality, have very little spam in comparison to all the great postings you people make here everyday.
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