Speed limits, do they work as they should?


We are to have speed restrictions on one of our motorways. This is to help keep down pollution. Meanwhile China opens two new coal fired power stations every week. Why do we have morons as MPs??????



Chief assistant to the assistant chief
Our limit is only 100k and you have a 3-4k leeway,trucks are limited to 90k but of course do 94k so if you want to overtake legally you are scratching to make it on our windy roads IMO much more sense to allow a faster overtaking speed, I often find that starting to overtake @100k becomes 140k by the time you are past. Man I love that BMW acceleration! go Z go baby

Ella Beck

There are speed cameras on the road between England and Scotland, and I'm very chary of setting them off when we're going up there. But I've noticed that locals seem to zip past me at the speed of light, so maybe the cameras are mostly for show, for the tourists?