Stevie Wonder - Lately (cover by Bárbara and Afonso)

John Watt

There we were, as family, watching a Frankie and Annette beach movie, a black and white, maybe 1964.
Sitting on their beach blankets at the end of the movie, Frankie suddenly says "Let's go skiing",
and the next scene shows a fireplace with lots of fur coats laying around, everyone wearing bulky knits.
Frankie says "Look, it's Little Stevie Wonder", and there he was, standing there, singing and playing harmonica.
I started singing the song and imitating the harmonica playing, with my mother,
and my parents bought me one the next day, however, it wasn't a chromatic.

Here in the Niagara Peninsula, in the antenna days, we caught Buffalo and Detroit tv,
so I grew up with Stevie Wonder, and he was on Ed Sullivan a lot.

I listened to you all the way, and it sounds like you have a good thing going.
It's surprising to hear a Stevie song with just a piano, not thinking of him just doing that.
It's also surprising to see a performance video without a close-up of the singers' face,
or the piano players fingers. I wanted to look into your eyes.
It would be too easy to comment on anyone elses' take on a Stevie Wonder song,
playing a few over the years myself,
so I'm just wondering if you're looking for an upright bassist,
being more jazzy than pop?
This is a very casual video, so it's hard to tell.

As far as jamming out a Stevie Wonder song,
my favorite is still "I Was Made To Love Her", doing a percussive shout-out in the middle.
I was made to love her, in a world lost without her, hey hey hey... guitar solo
I'd upgrade that in a hurry to "For Once in My Life", but it's not happening.
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