Suite populaire bresilienne - Mazurka-Chôro


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Suite populaire bresilienne
I. Mazurka-Chôro

Composer: Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887 - 1959)
Performer: Ming Huang
Sept 28, 2021
Sammamish, WA, USA

Heitor Villa-Lobos (March 5, 1887 – November 17, 1959) was a Brazilian composer, conductor, cellist, and classical guitarist described as "the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music". Villa-Lobos has become the best-known South American composer of all time.

Heitor Villa-Lobos’ Suite populaire brésilienne for guitar was born out of the composer’s youthful experience playing in a “chôro” ensemble, a typical form of popular urban musical expression found in Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. The first piece of Mazurka-Chôro is selected as one of RCM (The Royal Conservatory of Music) grade 7 repertoire.

Time signature: 3/4
Tempo: (92 - 104 BPM)