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SUPERTHOUSAND are a three-piece unit hailed from Germany. The band consists of Lars Dreier (bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, electronic instruments, accordion), Markus Missbrandt (drums, glockenspiel, triangle, dejembe, shaker, tambourin) and Dominik Mertens (vocals, lead guitars).

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They manage to present a really impressive material on the most recent CD entitled '#Trnsit' filled with special atmosphere. You'll hear the excellent guitar passages in vein of Pink Floyd, the catchy hooks of Porcupine Tree, the dense layers of instrumentation found in RPWL, and the driving power of Rush. To really wow you, the exquisite moments here combines with much more aggressive material there. It's a sorta range of styles and structures allowing the contrast in the music to give some purposeful changes. Another group that comes to my mind is Airbag from Norway. While these young fellows wear the evident influences on their sleeves, they have enough of talents to come up with a fresh and imaginative prog-rock album... Well worth checking out.


That's a link to YouTube channel.
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