System Of A down{SOAD}


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So which one of u guys like SOAD, dint find any topic about them, they rock for me, Toxicity(ii) was out in the net.

Not better than their before songs, but toxicity 1 rocks, especially chopsuey


SOAD are really good. They have a pretty unique sound. I thought it was interesting that so many different types of people liked them.


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So which one of u guys like SOAD

SOAD are great... I saw no match of creativity, brightness, spirit dynamics... They were our main inspiration when we started doing our music many years ago. They were our primary teachers on what Real Music should be, what the power and emotions are... And all their albums are great (and all are different...)
And the only upsetting thing about SOAD is that this is only third post in this thread, which makes me a little upset:confused:



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FWIW, I'm a professional muso and composer with serious appreciation for music Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th Century, Electronic, Prog Rock, etc and have generally held a distaste for screechy, throaty, speed metal, HOWEVER: I do have Toxicity and have surprised myself by listening to it more than a few times and appreciating it. Still not sure why though ... :)