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I see arguments continue over tax evasion and tax avoidance by both individuals and multinational companies, the way I see it is that the affluent lot that mostly indulge in these activities are in a way stealing from the rest of us.

If they paid their share where it should be paid then our rate of taxes would probably drop well into single figures.

If you earn money by working for it, or selling goods or services in UK or USA or any other country then you should pay the relevant tax in and to that country, regardless of where you actually live or do your banking. Where you earn it is where you pay it.
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The trouble is the tax office is only too willing to bargain with the big companies. Unlike the small man, especially the self employed, who gets walloped all the time and never gets anything back in return. I have had to retire early because of the cancer and guess what I get. Yes. Sweet FA yet I have been paying tax and insurance for almost 50 years.
No wonder the small tradesman is willing to work for cash.