Tempered and Piagui Chord Wave Peaks. Please see the attachment.

Mario Pizarro

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Mathematical analyses were made to resolve the problem of the slight discordance produced by the equal-tempered scale. Some audiences who are able to distinguish discords detect small harmony imperfections.
Tempered and Piagui chord waves, as well as chord wave peaks, are plotted to compare them and decide on the qualities of harmony. An examination of Piagui chord wave peaks detected aesthetic displays. Compared with the new chords, where frequency ratios are exclusively K and P functions, the sum of Tempered sinusoidal tone components yields non-aesthetic chord wave peaks, except for one diminished chord ( Do diminished, or La diminished, or Fa# diminished, or Mib diminished). These are the origin of the discords that humans have endured since 1722.
My book “The Piagui Musical Scale: Perfecting Harmony” deals with the application of the new scale to the piano, electronic organ, guitar and electronic tuner. Sufficient data is given to permit manufacturers of musical instruments to introduce the new sound in harmony on the world market.
The Piagui Musical Scale is not an invention; it is a discovery based on years of research on micro-consonance to resolve a problem that has existed since music was born.
You can get the free preview of my book.
C. Mario Pizarro