Testing the Neumann TLM 103 microphone


Make me perfume

air air
of yesterday
that mixes with today’s

with which I wrap myself
as if it were a cloak
cloak cloak

soft and warm
soft and warm

that protects me from languor
of what lies still in oblivion
of what lies still in oblivion

air of yesterday

make me intangible movement
dilute my shapes
make me perfume x2

take me slowly to his face
let me in his mouth and nose

I will be the aroma that I was x2


The Night of the Blackbird

While I listen to the voice
of the blackbird
I look at your face
why why why
it's impossible to change past

I think of a thousand things
no clear thought
stands out
from the crowd
that stirs stirs stirs
in my mind
screaming words
that cover each others

everything could be so simple
like the games of childs
but you
have made me grave
of your dreams
and mines

we are dead and alive
under layers of time
turned into stones
over our heads

while I listen to the voice
of the blackbird
singing singing singing
to the night
to the stars
that are still what they are
inertia over inertia
like our life