That we should abolish quotas for Australian-made television programs.


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I would like some very urgent help from you guys out there. Must admit, I appreciate any help at all that I'd get here.

Remember a while back I posted 'That is should be illeagal to burn the Australian flag.' ? Well, I've gotten another moot that really makes the mind think: 'That we should abolish quotas for Australian-made television programs.'

This time I am on the affirmative team, and we say we need to get rid of the protection on Australian-made television programs made as a result of the Australian-American free-trade agreement.
Please, state your opinions freely. I highly appreciate it!

P.S: We have'nt lost a debate yet ;)


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i'm doing that tpoic for my nxt debate too! i also had to do the 'that burning the australian flag should be illegal' this time i'm on the negative team.
so why we help each other out?


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Ah that'll be fantastic Melbournian!

My debate is this Monday, let's hope you get to reply soon :)

So far our teams main points are:

1. The Australian networks are smothered by the quota and are practially forced to create any old shows just to fill in the limit required. If we took away the quota then it'll encourage Australia to finally make a good quality show, and give the public what they want.

2. When we take away the quota, Australia will benefit handsomely. Because if they create that hit show, it'll not only benefit Australia economically, it'll boost Australian's reputation, and make it known for a great movie and not only Neighbours.

3. When we have the quota placed, the networks cut and edit the serial shows we love, which annoys us, and angers us. From this, it leads people to download the shows illeagally, with the networks missing out on profit. Not a way to go. So if we remove the quota it'll finally give Australia a chance to compete against America's shows and not have to cut and edit it all, just to fit commercials and the limit required.

Well those are it, we are sticking with only 3 points, for we can't think of another, they just keep going under sub-headings for those following arguments.

So! Tell us what you've got, and try to rebut those!


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let me ask u a quick question
when you were doing the debate 'that burning tha australian flag should be illegal' who did you verse?
we son't have much points, but our debates this thursday. yeah i'll try to tell you as much as i can but do u have msn? if not i'll tell what we've got tommorow.
till then
see ya


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Our team is in the Keysborough region and we versed St John's Regional College 1. We ended up winning the deabte too :)

All the points I could get from you will help a lot.

Thanks! And all the best on Thursday!


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i'm not sure about our points because we never really discussed them, but we have an idea about what we're going to talk about:
that if we get rid of australian made television programs:would we really want to see our kids walking around with american or english accents, that we need an identity of our own. that's what our second speaker will be talking about. cultral. we're kind of unorganised at the moment. can i as you: do you go to Killester College? well so far you seem to be going good. we're thirteenth on th ladder. after been tenth we dropped after out last debate: that the government should not fund elite sporting organisations". but good luck for yours and sorry i couldn't really help you becasue we don't really have any points so far. but next time it'll be different.
talk to u soon.


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The cultural argument is a very good argument to use, but it is still rebuttabl so be careful how you word it.

Ok, gotta get going and actually do my debate speech, I got period 5 and 6 off for a reason :p Lol!



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Hey, I'm doing that topic too this Thursday!
I'm in the Williamstown region and i could really use some help!!!
I'm third speaker for the affirmative team


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Do you mind if I copy those Points Basia.. Im doing that debate and I have no idea what to do my whole team has no idea. Oh what school you versing?


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deadly_ruckus are you really in the williamstown region? so am i! who did you verse? we won this time by five points! well our next topics that 'we should ben private cars from the buisness district of melbourne' or something like that. let's talk about it and help each other out, closer to the debate.
talk soon.


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Yeah sure, MJSCL8 you're welcome to use them all.

I have a lot to update on! Last Monday, we versed Minaret, and I was third speaker. And we won! But I personally did quite badly, why? Because our opposition were so bad, and I had nohting to rebutt on!!!! GRRRR!! I was furious. It was just 'cultrual' 'cultrual' 'cultrual', COME ON! And you know their 3rd speaker brought in a new point? No wonder they lost... tut tut. You debaters out there, do it right. PLEASE.
And another important tip: DO NOT say your names. The judicator does not CARE who you are, they only want your speech. Ow and also, do not look at the opposition when rebutting. Crtisising the opposition by staring at them wont help your speech at all. Talk to the audience please.

Well our next debate is on no cars should be let in the CBD... already have to start our meetings.. :( no rest with debating.

Ok, and negatives for aboloshing quotas use these points if you're stuck:

Actors lose their jobs: Beause Australia will have to cut all their programs because of American shows flooding in, actors will loose their jobs.
Loss of turism: because we wont have aussie shows anymore, and Australia isn't promoted anymore

Ok, that's all from me, hope these helped. Cya soon!


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Hey Im doin debating to. Ive got a debate this thurs and itz the TV quota one. I was wondering if you guys have any negative arguments for me...Im so lost. And with the CBD one...if you guys have anythin on would be good too...I'll share with you guys too. by the way I'm in the Hawthorn yea...thats all...cya...xox


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hey katina...wat region r u in? just wondering....
anywayz...for negz for the tv debate we've got things like the wiggles and how good they are and lyk the government should be funding the arts and other things lyk that and things like loseing jobs and american anything else???? im desperate! arrrgghhh...if anyone has any interesting stories or articles or examples and anything please say...thnks.


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This debate

Hey ive been reading everyones posts and just realised how to reply, but thanks for all those ideas they were really good. My debate is tonight (wish me luck) but i have mainly concentrated on freedom of choice, saying things like we can vote, freedom of speech we should be able to choose what we watch on tv. I on the affirmative so those negative point helped me come up with some good rebuttals thanks a bunch guys. whoever you are. u know i think i would laugh if the person who left them was my opposition tonight:grin: . lolz well cya hannah


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ok. im going to use those points you have ok basia? :) :) :D :eek: :grin: :cool: :mad: :rolleyes:

im stressed. :cry: :confused: :eek:



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Hey everyone,

The TV quota one was tough. But now our team is battling the CBD one 'That we should ban all private cars from the Central Business District of Melbourne' and sadly I'm on the Negative side. Darn it. But if I were to come up with something on the spot... I'd say that if private cars are allowed now, and no ones complaining then why abolish them? .. lol, gotta talk to my team mates on this one, it's a toughy.
So, if you guys have any ideas on this topic, gladly appreciate anything. Good luck with all your debates!


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we're affirmative. our teams been um how do i put this, not very organised. well we've never been organinsed really when u think about it. but i have an idea about what i would like to say:
as second speaker i think that we should ban private cars from the central buisness district of melbourne for these reasons:
that more peple would use public transport and there would be less polution, or something like that... i have to think more about this...


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Haha great start there though. Go here and you will thrive off their information there supporting public transport. Whilst I am on the negative team, wishing I was on Affirmative, I'm only seeing websites supporting public transport :( . Although our team have some up with a few points now:

- Public Transport is very expensive, as well as other alternatives to the city including taxi's.
- Public Transport doesn't reach all areas and cause problems for people living outside the metropolitan area.
- Turning to public transport would be hell in the now crowded trains/buses/trams, to have to go through the stink, unrealiable service, long waiting times and uncomfortable travelling.

Their not that bad, although we really still need to work on it all.

Our debate is this Wednesday. Wish us luck!