That We Should Elect Our Judges


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Hey there everyone, as well as my fellow debaters!

I have great news! Our team has gotten into the regionals and we are versing a very interesting school indeed. Our topic is "That we should elect our judges" and we are on the Affirmative side, which is quite good.

If any of you have any inputs or information about judges (federal), I would highly appreciate it.

Cya at Caufeild Grammer on the 16th!!


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To do honest i think its a bad idea. It would turn out to be a popularity contest. Not someone with knowledge or experience in the field of law.

Just my thoughts :)


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Here in my area (US-Arizona) Judges are appointed. There is a periodic public voting process that only asks "Shall <name> be retained ..." It's a yes/no criteria and in all my voting days here, the imcumbent is always retained.
My personal view is that those positions should be appointed by those who are in the field of law - why the public has to vote on retaining them is one of those mysteries to myself and others.