the beatles vs The rolling stones

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I'm having a strange moment.
This "Stairway to Heaven" is sounding like a soundtrack for a Gilligan's Island episode,
and, oh no, they're singing "oo and it makes me wonder".
I really am wondering. I can't remember the name of the original "Tie me kangaroo down Jack" singer,
or what his nick-name was, "The singing something", a sailor's reference, back in the sixties.

This unusual weather, very warm an dry, has a lot of squirrels twitching all over.
And no, I won't be trying to tie any down.


Went to a clients funeral a couple of years back. He had requested Stairway To Heaven to be played. The trouble was that the last time I had heard it played it was the Rolf Harris version. People thought I had my head buried in my hands was through grief. NO.

I can do worse.............. only for the strong of consitution ( wouldn't even wish this version on my mother-in law)!!

If you need an explanation of how this came to be and the Rolf Version - refer below - there are many more ..... but I will post no more of them! Below is interview with Plant and Page re the many version of Stairway done on an Australian TV show in 90's.

Ah alright ?ok just one more..........

John Watt

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"Friends of the Castanet Club". Wow. wow. wow wo

Now I'm thinking... of all the musicians here on earth,
why didn't castenet clickers take over the internet first as promotional musicians?
Maybe they did, but it was so fast no-one caught it.

Is that a mouse in his other hand? Is he speed-rolling with a middle finger?
Just fretting fingers want to know.
When I raise back up on my heels and toreador across the stage,
I'm holding my guitar up like a sword while I'm casting a net with my string thingings,
a Ritchie Blackmore dance I learned in 1970 when I saw Deep Purple.
Maybe the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle could take a lesson from Jon Lord,
their Hammond B3 organist, sticking knives in between keys to hold them down.
Okay, he danced around and stuck some in the sides too, a choreographic arrangement.
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Yep - "Friends of the Castanet Club" who were they where did they go where did they come from, we will never know.............

There was so much to learn from and about them, don't you think!