The best artist who ever lived?

John Watt

What I've seen on Wikipedia contradicts my Canadian reality, sometimes.
I put a new thread in the organ sections, trying to get some more ideas about this.


Sr. Regulator
Sr. Regulator
I'm disappointed in Rolling Stone...
Part of the maturation process.:smirk:

The day "Rolling Stone" stops seeming cool concludes another chapter in an individual's Bildungsroman.:)

(It's said that a stanza of Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me" was written with "Rolling Stone" in mind...

It doesn't matter what they say in the papers
'Cause it's always been the same old scene-
There's a new band in town
But you can't catch the sound
From a story in a magazine...
Aimed at your average teen.:cool:)

John Watt

I'm soaking up some, uh, whatever lengthy Teutonic word describes moods of mental maturation, from this thread. For some reason it reminds me of George Oliver, a local singer who started in rock bands but became r'n'b, doing splits onstage, still doing them now. He's got lots on Youtube too. He not only takes me back to the psychedelic sixties when he was the lead singer of Mandala, but he's out there right now singing and dancing in his late sixties. Is it "shaw-zen-freud" that I'm feeling?
Maybe I'm spending too much time with a "broad-brick'd moon lick'd g'nicht.