The craziest/wildest free improv album ever recorded?


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John Watt

Do you want stupid music that is supposed to be bad, unless you overdosed on C.I.A. acid?
Or are you looking for music that is dissonant to be dissonant on purpose,
an artistic backlash because the composer can't recreate the music of the symphonic world?
Do synth versions of traditional music just turn you off,
and do any of the participants have sex surgery, rehab, a few deaths, or a helicopter crash?
You do need a live gig to go with the music.

"Captain Beefheart", a desert recluse who never fully recovered from a huge overdose,
that Frank Zappa produced, making him sound good while he learned to play guitar and write,
in his own recording studio.
"Wild Man Fischer", supposedly a street performer in L.A. who never will even partially recover,
that Frank Zappa talking into letting him record him on the sidewalk,
and add backing tracks to it later himself. A double album.
Frank has one instrumental in there, for five minutes, that indicate his future, self out-put,
sounding aquatic.

Extreme musicianship, guys who sound like jazz and classical and have the fastest fingers,
can be considering hard to listen to, and be heard as not music, just making it up as you go.
"Elvin Jones, Agape Love", Buster Williams on bass, Joe Farrel on flute and sax. Incredible!
"McCoy Tyner, Echoes of a Friend, his friend being John Coltrane,
and this album, a solo album, has one of my favorite top five piano playings,
how he does "Naima".
Jimi Hendrix, "Electric Ladyland, A Merman I would be, moon, turn the tides, gently, gently away."
That's a long, headphone inducing track, and musically, it has a five minute intro,
with a reprise of that intro for another five minutes to start the second album, a double album.
Some people over here still get angry that other people call this music.
But they're easy to distract, as an audience, and lose as fans when you want to,
by just having an announcer get up to announce a drone strike emergency test,
and everone is running to go home and tape up their doors and windows,
and just listen to you through the system for the rest of their lives.

Hey, just do what everyone else does.
Play someone else's music backwards, record it, jiggy it up, and say it's yours.
Paul got head, right on, sounds modern and better than Paul is dead.
Yeah, even the hype can get nasty and dissonant.
But you better watch out. Courtney Love might want you for an opening act,
and she'll open you up in ways that really will get your name out there.

tt doens't hurt to hold a lighter up to a music disc, not to burn it or get plastic drips,
but just smudging the disc a little so it sludges up the sound to be an original composition.
I don't even play those any more, just hanging music like that up in trees,
and lighting them up until they burn and start slinging the singing flames, down to the ground.

yeah, even your fans have to get nasty with it.
When's the last time your party went out to roll a bus on its side? You need visuals too.

Janis Joplin, "Big Brother and the Holding Company", they should have kept on holding,
but they did all of it right away.
This has to be the worst electric guitar playing I've ever heard,
and it was a huge hit album, having one huge hit, "Take a Piece of My Heart".
This makes "Innagadavida" sound like Wagnerian opera, two tracks of it, overlapped a little.

To be only open and honest with you, no matter what and how much I type here,
I am only Canadian, and a forest and lake boy.
If you want to hear from someone who truly knows what the rest of the world is sinking into,
with more bad music, bad videos, so much corporate sell-out with cliche cultural attachments,
it's EddieAreYouKiddingVare, an Australian, and only he can road warrior you into the musical dust.
And when he does that, his other friends will be out there waiting for the rainy season.
That's when, in your mind, your identity, you entire concept of yourself,
will be that musical dust, until it rains, and then you will become slimey mud,
washing away slowly, dissolved only by the rampant chemicals in the environment,
so that even your mind is polluted, your skin feeling like running sand up and down your arms,
so that the strings on your guitar feel soft, feel melting, and you start feeling, uh, not you.
Mix in a little "Tragic Kingdom" Gwen Stefani sweat, and you're all set.
Unless you want Ann and Nancy Heart doing "Crazy on You". oh yeah....