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You spent your entire life seeking a music - a music that defies description - a music that lifts your heart and brings you closer to out of the liminal and into the numinous. You suffered ridicule, rejection, ostracism, and now also great poverty and betrayal, your own people do not know you nor care. It seems the whole world does not care you create a new music. You try to tell others about it, but they would not listen. They see you as a braggart if you hold your music respectfully. They lie, they cheat, they have even tried to steal your vision.

But despite it all you go on. At a certain time in your life you offer this work - a work of a wasted lifetime in a wasted world - and someone listened and understood.

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Domina Catrina Lee — made it to SomethingElse! "Best of 2010" Avant-garde jazz category!
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Domina Catrina Lee is reviewed at SomethingElse!
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...if you want to. You can show your real support. If you do, when it comes time for you to ask her, she will call the winds from the corners of time to help you. If you do =)


Catrina, I would hate to discourage anyone in pursuit of their dream, but the download market is very strong, and growing stronger all the time, while the CD market, at least in England, is slowing down. Could there be another reason why your work is not selling.
Best of luck


John Watt

Catrina is very interesting, very interesting, but Catrina, are you performing live somewhere?
I'd like to hear and see you.