The User Titles (»Ranks«) Of This Forum

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Frederik Magle

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The title system is based on your post count: The more posts you make the higher your "rank". Furthermore as you progress you will get access to closed and even hidden forums (eg. the "Officer's Mess" and the "Flag Officers' Council & Lounge"). The titles are ranging from Recruit and all the way up to Music Admiral!!! But please remember it's all in good fun :)

Based on No. of posts:

0 = Civilian
1 = Recruit, Pianissimo
5 = Apprentice, Piano
10 = Seaman, Mezzoforte
25 = Midshipman, Forte

Officers (with access to the »Officers' Mess«):
50 = Ensign, Principal
75 = Lieutenant, Associate Concertmaster
100 = Lieutenant Commander, Concertmaster
150 = Commander, Assistant Conductor
250 = Captain of Water Music

Flag Officers (with access to the »Flag Officers' Council & Lounge«):
500 = Commodore [con Forza*]
1000 = Rear Admiral [Appassionata*]
2500 = Vice Admiral [Virtuoso*]
5000 = Admiral [Maestoso*]
10000 = 5 Star Music Admiral [+always custom title*]

* Everyone reaching the »rank« of "Commodore" (500 posts) and above can get a [custom title] of their own choice!

Besides being reflected by the user title (»rank«), members also get much more space for attaching files (up to 1 Gigabyte) and storing private messages - as well as many other benefits - by increasing their post-count. More info about increasing storage space (click here).

If anyone dislikes the notion of being entitled with a "naval rank", but would still like to post actively on this forum, there is now the option of renouncing your "rank" and get the title Civilian instead. Contact me with the request (PM, email or a post in this thread). You can become "Civilian" regardless of your post-count. The only disadvantage for a "Civilian" is lack of access to the "Officers' Mess" and "Flag Officer's Council" forums. In every other regard a "Civilian" has the full posting privileges of other members of equal post-count.

If you would like to go back to the "naval rank" titles (perhaps to check out what's going on in the "Officers' Mess"), you can do that as well if you have a post-count of minimum 100 posts - though only three switches can happen a year (per member) at max. Also, if you go from "Civilian" to "Navy" you will get a "rank" one step lower than the current norm for your post-count.

Go to this thread for discussion of the titles/ranks
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