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I've noticed some trad jazz recordings over the years sound too rehearsed and not as spontaneous as it originally was.

Is this good, bad or just different/takes all sorts?

I noticed it particularly with some Dutch swing college records, those from the 1950s compared to more recent offerings, and as for recordings from the 30s they could almost be a different genre.


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Mike it is not surprising that recordings from the seventies and after sound like set pieces, I recently witnessed a discussion and was dumbfounded to find out that jazz is now played from written music called charts the same kind of thing that marching bands use, it seems that the art of learning a simple tune and chord sequence is too complicated for to days players, no wonder jazz is loosing followers

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I'm seeing what you're saying, but, worse than that,
is how much airplay is computer constructed, sampled and dubbed.

I'm surprised, that out of your global approach to music,
you singled out the Dutch as being less spontaneous.
Here in Welland, the Rosedale Baptist Church is known for having a Dutch congregation,
and they sing the most and sing the best, for all my visiting churches around here.

In a way, I really can't complain about modern people not doing it for real.
Around here, the bands that are getting the gigs, and that's blues to classic rock,
are senior citizens, guys who played in bands before, who are getting it together now.

The only reason I like sheet music, is seeing the song in the original key and chords.
That's good for me, the guitarist,
unless the bassist wants me to mosey over and look to see what he's playing.
That's not easy some times, working with "Canada's Dolly Parton", a, uh, short bassist.


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I'm not picking on the Dutch per se, I was just comparing two records by the same band recorded some 40 years apart and further comparing back to much earlier bands playing what might be considered the origins of the genre.

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Oh! A scientific musical study. I wasn't expecting that.
At least not after just commenting on a musical composition here,
based on the creation of the earth.

It's a little strange for me, not that it always wasn't,
to listen to rock music from the sixties and seventies,
when it was more about the sounds than the musicianship,
and the videos too.
That makes me feel like a modern day rock virtuoso, a nice feeling.

Oh, oh no, not some more generic globalized Dutch conversance,
but, uh, considering the laws and social fabric of the people of Holland,
it might be understandable to think that the longer you live, and play there,
the more mellow you might get.

Too bad you're not the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle.
He already knows Danish music, for sure, but this could be interesting,
considering your approach.
It was over 1,400 people from Denmark who came to the United States,
to start the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
It would be interesting to compare their music now,
everything from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to their videos and movies.

Maybe that's not a good idea for any Danish person, or any sane person.
You might end up married into the church, with too many wives to take care of.
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