Top New Age Keyboardist Timothy Wenzel Returns With Summon The Wind CD


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Timothy Wenzel has become a leading new age keyboardist over the past few years with his albums consistently climbing high on the monthly international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 airplay chart. Now he has returned with a new recording, SUMMON THE WIND, which is already in your hands. The album contains a dozen mesmerizing tunes featuring piano, synthesizer, violin, cello, flute, harp, guitars, bass, drums and percussion as well as bells, and the wordless vocalizing of men’s and women’s choirs. This is new age music in the classic mode, a full rich constantly-entertaining ensemble sound.

If you liked any of Wenzel’s previous recordings -- MOUNTAINS TAKE WING, A COALESCENCE OF DREAMS or RIVER SERENE -- then you should definitely pick this new one up. If you have not yet turned on to Wenzel’s lovely new age music, then do yourself a favor and seek out some samples online and see if they fill your void. He really writes and performs good stuff, quite a bit above the average.

Have you seen any of those online videos of those European flyers wearing suits with webbing under the arms so they glide or soar or fly like they had wings? They jump off mountains and go really fast in a long downward glide with the cliffs inches from their shoulders. Just the videos are a wild ride. Maybe they should be wearing headphones and be listening to this Wenzel album for the ultimate glide-path musical experience, as long as they don’t zone out and stop watching where they are going (it is a very dangerous sport).