Topics to write about in this movies & film music forum... (Read Me please ;-)

Frederik Magle

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What can you write about in this movies & film music/soundtracks forum?

Basically you can write about anything related to movies, film scores and soundtracks, including the people working with the film industry and film music (composers, directors, actors etc.), but here are some suggestions that maybe can be a little inspiration when making a new post (starting a thread):

• News and other info about movies or film music: have you heard or read some news about upcoming films or other movie related stuff?, let us know so we can discuss it

• Reviews and comments about soundtracks/scores: good or bad, let's know what you think about the various film music you have listened to.
• Reviews of movies: you can also review a movie you have seen without necessarily reviewing the soundtrack (or you can do both at the same time).
• Polls: feel free to make polls about anything relevant to this forum (there is an advanced but easy to use poll feature that all members have access to when making a post)

There is of course tons of other subjects you can write about, and these are just suggestions. This forum is made for you (the users) by you!


Note: Please do not promote sites that offer copyrighted film/movies for free - That is an illegal activity not supported by this forum.
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John Watt

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Mr. Magle! This is a topic where you would have unique insights. It's easy to toss music together for visual scenes, using what you think relates. Even most music videos have a symbolic or artistic attitude, often far removed from the song itself. But you, Mr. Magle, are successful with music as inspiration, and look who you inspire, The Royalty of your homeland to the Pope in Italy. That's creating a soundtrack for spiritual life, far beyond mere visual connections. From your perspective, writing music that can also be used for sound applications, you must have creative responses unavailable to most of us.
I'm glad your thread starter is not sealed in this instance.