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UK organs in SERIOUS danger - home for small 3 manual URGENTLY REQUIRED

Organ Matters

New member

Increasingly philistines fail to appreciate the King of Instruments and lack of proper public appreciation of the organ in the UK makes people happy to throw out pipe organs and electronic manufacturers clock up pages on their websites of pipe organs that their commercial wares have displaced like Victorian safari trophy hunters.

A home is urgently required for an organ in Sussex, I believe to be GIVEN away:
Pedal Key action TP Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f1 Keys 30
1 Bourdon 16
Choir Key action TP Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56
2 Lieblich Gedact 8 originally from Swell
3 Dulciana 8 originally from Great
4 Harmonic Flute 4 originally from Great
Great Key action TP Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56
5 Open Diapason 8
6 Rohr Flute 8
7 Principal 4 originally Harmonic Flute 4
8 Fifteenth 2 originally Dulciana 8 TC
Swell Key action TP Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56
9 Open Diapason 8 originally Lieblich Gedact 8
10 Gamba 8
11 Principal 4
12 Oboe 8

Contact details and status updates are on

Best wishes

David P


Staff member
It is increasingly sad to read of the unpleasant demise of these wonderful instruments, cast aside by those who do not appreciate all the hard work, knowledge, and skill that it took to create these instruments.

I do hope this organ finds a new home ... a home that will appreciate it and nurture it for many years to come. Thank you for sharing this with us, David.


New member
Or perhaps somebody on the mainland with the space.

Still seems to be a larger percentage of continental European organs in the UK, than British organs in continental Europe.