Understanding American Conservatism


Thanks, Michel, for taking the time to articulate your observations and conclusions to date.
Much for me to think on.

Our vantage points in history, culture and geography are different, although not totally dissimilar. As I mentioned elsewhere in this forum, my mother's family moved from England to the American colonies in the late 1600s and they believe the family name may have come from Denmark through William the Conqueror (via the Norseman settlement of Normandy in France). Of course I do not claim to understand then what it is to be Danish. Sounds like it is very nice.

It is good to hear what the world looks like from another view. Here in "Silicon Valley" California I have had the pleasure of working with or knowing many folks from Russia, China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, as well as a smaller number of people from Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Norway, Cambodia, Burma, New Zealand, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Canada. So I tend to keep an open mind and appreciate different thinking ... some. It gets harder when you are over 50 because some ideas become very critical to preserving your peace in this world.

Thanks again for the dialog,


Commodore de Cavaille-Coll
As an immigrant, I find it hard to believe that the U.S.A is such a horrible place, that Bush is the *paragon of evil* and all the other epithets that are hurled out by certain *elements* of the media. Why then are people *dying to get in*, from Mexico, Asia and even Europe, of all places? Having lived in the U.S. since 1992, seen the welfare rolls shoot up to fifty million people since Kommisar Klinton *reformed welfare as we know it*, Bush comes across as the real compassionate one who believes in a hand-up, not a hand-out.

I, for one, believe that the world is full of smart people. Sadly, though, many are ill-informed. An Afro-American economist named Dr. Thomas Sowell has written many great books on economics and public policy. If you were to really read, study and write on what Dr. Sowell shares, you would definitely plug-up vast holes in your educational background. One of his latest books entitled "Black Rednecks, White Liberals", shreds to pieces the most cherished shibboleths the liberal party maintains that it best represents the Afro-American community.

Having invested time, money and effort in Social Welfare Offices, I have seen with my own eyes how damaging to people's self-respect all the programs which throw money at them are. Again, it's a hand-up, not a hand-out, which helps people grow and mature as self-supporting individuals.


Commodore de Cavaille-Coll
I have also spent time in the soup kitchens - preparing and serving hot meals for the indigent - try it, you might like it. The liberals can talk a good line about all the good things they do, but when push comes to shove you never find them on the front-lines. They are safely ensconced away somewhere, back-slapping and swilling champagne.

Having also spent time in Stockholm and witnessing the Swedish social welfare system collapse because of ineptitude and illwill towards the indigent and the local government giving up and placing the whole burden on the local churches and salvation army, I saw the need for cooperation and sharing the burden -Church and State together-neither one can do it all alone.

Bud Fields

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Oh, boy!

I come to a place to repose peacefully, and find this?

But, then again, it does offer a modicum of enlightenment.

To think that change in America exists because of Rush Limbaugh is no more than the rooster thinking the sun rises merely because he crows.

But, as I have been told before, having an opinion, much less daring to have one different from Mr. Limbaugh simply identifies me to the world as a moron. And, if there be any doubt, just ask Mr. Limbaugh: he'll gladly pontificate ad nauseum.

Am I neutral?

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I only read the first post, and I offer this insight:

The biggest problem with the political systems in many countries is that each party works against eachother. It is nearly always "Right is good; Left is bad" or vice versa. People are either divided into either a democrat, or a republican, or a socialist, or a libertarian, and so on. They are thus labeled so, and are grouped together with a category that many consider enemies. I live in the South-Eastern United States, and one billboard in Atlanta, Georgia advertises a radio station with the caption "Liberals hate it!" What purpose does this serve? Why are people so quick to choose enemies and so hesitant to choose friends?

Although I'd prefer to stay out of this debate, I just want to get my opinion out here. I would've created a new topic for this, and I will if you think it does not belong in this one, but the first post reminded me to say this.


For some reason, I find this topic mildly inappropriate here, not because of its detachment from music (it COULD have been transformed into an on-topic discussion, but I am not seeing that), but rather because of the flavor of this board. A disproportionate percentage of members are from Denmark, a tiny country with a completely different culture and completely different values than the USA. Any political discussion between our citizens will quickly develop into mudslinging, and indeed there has been signs of that here already, without really entering the core zone of what this debate is all about.

Besides, when discussing a political subject, there should be a level playing field -and this is simply not present, as only one party can discuss in its native language and the other cannot. If you have difficulties finding the right words, you will appear to your counterpart as stupid, and any weakness will be exploited at once, and to the full, exactly like what has happened until now.

A civilized debate must have a willingness to acknowledge differences in each others' backgrounds, culture, political landscape, and language. There should be a curiosity to understand where the other person is coming from rather than this aggressive need to 'win' at all cost. There is so many debate opportunities on the net, most of which have the worst thinkable tone - let us not lower ourselves to the 'free speech' dogma that prevents any meaningful discussion but merely serves as an outlet for frustrations, at the expense of your fellow board members.

For the above reasons, I will refrain from participating in the substance of this thread.