Unleashed Dreams Debuts With A Consciousness-Raising Set Of Pop-New-Age


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Unleashed Dreams is a new duo out of Canada (although the singer Lindsey Gaye Walker grew up in England and the musician/producer Sean Michael Paddison spent years working in the United States). It is simplest to say they work in the new age genre, especially because their nine vocal tunes have new agey, self-help, actualization and life-expansion lyrics. The recording also includes three instrumental pieces. Musically there is a lot of piano, synthesizer, choirs, rich textures, violin and a few world-influenced touches. BUT there also are some pop sensibilities straddling genre-boundaries sort of like Enya, Sarah McLachlan or Loreena McKennitt (sans the Celtic tinge). Anyway, the most pop-oriented material are the first two tunes -- “Deep” with its moody therapy inward-looking refrain (“How deep do I go?”) and the upbeat almost-title-track “Dare To Dream Again” -- plus the catchy and rhythm-building “A New Day.”

There is a lot of other types of arrangements on the album as well such as the military marching beat of “Onward To Glory” and its vibrant instrumental version, “Riding The Winds Of Change,” which adds a lead violin to take the place of the vocals. Some are builders: “You Give Me Strength” starts with piano and vocal and later adds a choir and strings to become an extremely full-bodied neo-classical whirlwind. The two children-oriented pieces are the quiet “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” lullaby followed by the soft violin-piano-vocal-strings “My Sacred Inner Child” in which the singer embraces and becomes reacquainted with her younger self, the innocence of youth that never leaves us and lives deep inside (except when we see a Disney animated film or play a board game). Different than the rest of the album, the song “Resonance” is a production masterpiece with incredible rhythmic percussion and tasty guitar parts, but the male voice dueting with Lindsey was not really necessary and somewhat intrudes.

This music is absolutely top of the class and extremely worthwhile as both a listening experience and for your next consciousness-raising seminar or transformational conference. There is depth, awareness and a passion to assist others inherent throughout. This one is a keeper.