US use of chemical weapons in Fallujah.


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I find this kind tragecally ironic if this is true.
Just got the link at my forum today. Nasty I love this forum and if the article is true.. I'd say it is rather dumb to use chemical weapons in an invasion where it is claimed in the first place, that the reason is the countries weapons of mass destruction.

Link contains some pretty nasty images of burned rebels.

documentary here..

some more sources..


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Creepy pictures, but I think the paint a pretty good picture of war. War is merciless and ugly



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It's indeed ghastly to think of chemical warfare and the use of it in this war by the US is drenched in irony, but again, I don't know in what way "war" isn't a terrible waste of lives and resources... it's utterly meaningless...


With all due respect to the above observations, I offer some additional thoughts on this subject. Sorry, it is so lengthy.
If you follow the BBC link given by Michel you will find some good follow ups to the lead story.

War is capricious in its spread of death and horror. Sadly there are governments that will not yield to any other persuasion. While French civilians rejoiced at their liberation in June 1944, many of them mourned the loss of loved ones killed during the Allied invasion by Allied weapons intended for soldiers of the Third Reich.

I am not glad that American soldiers are killing and being killed in Iraq. But I am glad that the Iraqi people have a chance at freedom. It remains to be seen how they can manage it. One of my co-workers spent 6 months over there working in military intelligence. He said it will take another five to ten years. But it is clear they will not have a chance at all if coalition forces we do not remain until they can do so.

It is also clear there would be no killing, no use of white phosphorus shells in cities, if the insurgents would stop hiding among, and deliberately blowing up, civilians there and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Americans have developed a great deal of military power over two centuries. But the nature of our war making is to protect freedom. We do not war to subjugate but to liberate. Mistakes are made and people die because of them; that is absolutely terrible. But allowing others to remain in slavery when it is in our power to help them is also terrible. We demonstrated our allegiance to this ideal above our own safety during our Civil War.

Are Americans better than anyone else? Of course not. But with great freedom and resources come great capability and with that, responsibility. I am glad that we have not yet abdicated that responsibility. Are Americans always right, of course not. But the very liberty we seek to give others is on display right here in that when we are wrong, the world finds out from... us, and those who tell the tale are free to do so.

All explosives and gun powders are chemical weapons. A shell with white phosphorus in it has the added effect of lighting up an area, so its tactical use is understandable. The effects of WP on humans is horrifying, but it cannot be put in the same category as WMD or chemical weapons like sarin and mustard gases.

While I am glad there are nations that will force tyrants to step down and liberate their people, I am glad as well there are nations like Denmark that practice mercy to relieve the awful suffering of war. I did not know about the rescue of millions of Danish Jews during WWII. What a great accomplishment. At the same time I see the news this year regarding compensation for slave laborers employed by Danish businesses back then.
My wife's father was among the Europeans enslaved by Nazis in work camps. It ruined his life. Her sister was sent to Denmark as there was not enough food for their family in Holland. Certainly this spared her from great suffering. Free countries are not perfect, but hopefully we pursue the best aims we can. I hope both our countries will continue to aim for the higher ideals and be accountable for our mistakes.

Let's pray the Iraqi people can be unified in their pursuit of a new nation and defeat the enemy among them.


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no doubt war turns nasty.. it does that time after time. No big surprise there. I would say that the US should have been way better in training their troops. Many of the nasty things that have been taking place could have been avoided. The cultural difference between US society and a country inhabitated by 12 different and mostly islamic cultures.. are not an easy thing to go about.

.. and when all comes down to it.. the handling of the crisis has been, lets say.. not very elegant.

I think it is a good thing to tip Saddam Hussein of his power.. but what is the values of this liberty if it is done outside the will of the UN. Then it is an US-based invasion.. not the world that decides that this dictator should be going down.. and where do you put the line then? What if we decided to go wipe out Bush one day? Basically I think it would be pretty fair and taking his whole cabinet out with him.. it is not one dictator but a bunch of corporate bastards the world surely could be without.. I do reckon that no country has the military might to do so.. but I do believe that it would be of larger gain for the world in general than removing Saddam.

Then there is the issue.. what is the reasons behind the war? That's an entire topic in itself.. but freedom is only a measure to seduce the world population into believing that the war is correct. I would rather say.. contracts.. contracts worth billions and billions. It is just another type of fascism our countries display and this goes for my dear own country as well..