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In case anyone's interested, the new VdGG biography (which I co-
wrote) is now available. Members of Genesis (Phil Collins, PG, Steve
Hackett) have contributed to it (this is *THE* most extensive
coverage of the '71 Six Bob tour, where Genesis opened for VdGG,
anywhere). Also in the book is prog artist Paul Whitehead, producer
John Anthony (who's production work includes VdGG, Genesis, Queen,
Roxy, The Tubes), and Armando Gallo (the Genesis biographer) - all
have been interviewed extensively. So has Dave Anderson (Amon Duul
II & Hawkwind) and a bunch of people from the Charisma Records
office (as well as memebers from old Charisma bands including Rare
Bird, Audience, and Lindisfarne). Several musicians have been
interviewed (including John Frusciante [RHCP], Graham Coxon [Blur],
Gary Lucas [Capt Beefheart's Magic Band], Marc Almond, Colin Newman
[Wire], Arthur Brown [God of Hellfire], and several others, as well
as music producers [Sir George Martin, Shel Talmy], movie directors
[Jonathan Demme, Anthony Minghella], and authors [Ian Rankin, Michel
Faber]). It's pretty damned comprehensive and the VdGG guys are
pretty happy with it. So are we!

A couple of people who contributed to The Book were nice enough to
contact us with their impressions.

Barrie Wentzell is one of the premiere photographers in rock (having
snapped Hendrix, the Beatles, Zeppelin, and others - including prog-
rock stalwarts Yes, Genesis, Fripp, ELP, Soft Machine, and Van der
Graaf Generator). He kindly contributed to the VdGG book with
several photos from the late 60s - early 70s.

Paul Whitehead is a prog artist extraordinaire and probably needs no
intro here, having done covers for Genesis, VdGG, Le Orme, and
others. He allowed us to use several of his prints for the book and
was also interviewed extensively.

Both have recently written us with their impressions The Book:

"I was instantly transported back to 'Old Soho' and London via your
Dr. Who's 'Tardis' time machine, and was back 'where we once
belonged' in the Ship, Charisma Records, The Nellie Dean, The
Speakeasy, The Marquee and La Chasse. Fantastic job in taking us
be repeated. You told me lotsa stuff about old friends, faces and
places that I'd forgotten or never really knew 'till I read
your 'back pages'. Thanx for the inspiration and pressure to
personally look back and remember a band who at the time I thought
was so obscure, innovative, imaginary and creative and now are
- Barrie Wentzell

"Very cool - written in a very entertaining way, and some of the
artifacts (like the pink gig sheets) are fascinating. There is even
some art in there that I'd completely forgotten about, like the
poster with the pillars; somewhere in the smoke filled crevices of
my mind I remember making that. I think VdGG are finally being
recognized for what they were; a very brave and original ensemble of
brilliant uncompromising artists whose influence was a million times
larger than the number of records they sold. I'm glad that someone
felt the need - and spent the time - to put the whole story down on
paper." - Paul Whitehead

It's a BIG book; hardcover, and over 300 pages. There are nearly 300
photos, in both color and b&w (most never before seen). If anyone is
interested, the link is:


Jim Christopulos