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Welcome to the new »Members' Music Announcements« Forum!

This is a place where members can announce their own (or others, as long as they are not commercially involved) upcoming concerts and other events, CD-releases, and more.

Rules for Posting (Please Read and Follow Carefully - By posting in this forum you agree to the following terms!):

• If you wish to promote any commercial (profit or non-profit) products which you are not artistically involved in personally, you must contact us prior to posting in order to enter a reciprocal agreement with Magle International Music Forums.
• In order to start a new thread you must have made at least 10 posts elsewhere on the forums, however, all members can reply to existing threads.
• Members can only make up to a maximum of 7 posts per within 10 days (that are not replies to other members) and/or start two new threads** This is to give as much possible equal space and opportunity to all members.
• If you would like to have your (own) music or web-site reviewed please post in the Music & Web Sites Reviews Forum.

If in doubt please don't hesitate to contact us

(** = The posting-limits work like this: You must not make more than 7 posts within every 10 days that are not replies to other members. If you start one thread in 10 days, you can make 6 follow ups to that thread within the following 10 days. If you start two threads in 10 days (the maximum allowed) you can make 5 follow ups between the two threads. All in all the total amount of posts you are allowed to make (that are not replies to other members) in 10 days is 7.)
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