Vivaldi RV 532 Dual Synthesizers Venice Canal background


On checking while working on another song I realized the bass tone in the above is a Strings tone I gave strong attack so it is a Strings Bass sound / patch (i edited). In the video the text says Zither bass this is why I'm correcting it.

QuicktimePlayer app allows you to "import a folder of images" so you can make a quick-and-dirty video, this video is the first I've created this year of my Freeboards performances.

I still want to edit the harpsichord patches / sounds to be ringier (is that a word?) .. More ringy.


Thanks Bill! I started this project November, then decided to get my Piano CDs done, so I finished 5 in defined periods, and now am back to my Baroque on Dual Keyboards projects. I'm on to a neat Bach from Brandenburg 2 I think you'll like.. This preview is only a sketch and I'll use the bass sounds from this Vivaldi instead. You can see I'm getting my development going! Fun! I think this has to download..
Early draft .mov file:
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BachFamily10 Famous Geniuses And Their Work - Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg
MP3 sound by itself:
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I tried 2 new tests, a Bach Brandenburg section and Yradier's El Arreglito - the original for Carmen's Habanera. There are play buttons:

Maybe I can get play buttons on wav or mp3 files I upload here? I'll see if I can get a direct link..


Probably not, if you go there: