Web Comics...

Frederik Magle

Staff member
I have to admit, I've gotten hooked on reading two "web comics". They are updated every day and are think they are quite funny in a (mostly) subtle way.

The first one is: "Get Fuzzy" which is about a sarcastic cat, a sweet but gullible dog and a man living together in a house. Sounds like Garfield? Maybe, but this is quite different from Garfield...you might want to read a month back to get the hang of what's going on.

The second one is PVPonline which is about a game-magazine publishing house. But actually is has very little to do about games (I'm not a gamer in any way myself)... again I suggest going back and start reading from at least a few months ago in order to get to know the caracters and the story lines etc.

I basically check in every day (if I'm near an internet connection), sometimes they can be really funny.