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This is a song I wrote for the Montagnards (Thuong means only those who live in the Central Highlands), whose lives are associated with nature, considering nature as the mother land producing wealth. material to feed the village. Despite the emigration of the Kinh people, narrowing the living space, becoming a minority in their own homeland, they still preserve their cultural identity and development to this day.
Vietnam has up to fifty-four ethnic groups. Hope you listen to the song and will understand the culture of our Vietnamese brothers and sisters. See you in Vietnam and explore this majestic and sacred land.


I'm a new member, and I must admit I joined for one particular reason, and that is to share an amazing soundtrack I found on an Asian movie. I'll leave it at that for the moment until i post it in the applicable thread.


I recently watched an Asian movie by the name of Isabella (2006). The movie was good, it has a rating of 7/10, I gave it 8/10. The movie soundtrack is by Peter Kam, and to my mind is the most astonishing original movie soundtrack I have heard. It has won a number of awards for the movie and also the soundtrack.


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I am new here and am looking for the La-La Land release of SOMEWHERE IN TIME Complete by John Barry.