What Do People Use to Find New Local Music?


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Just curious as to what people use to discover new music, maybe even from a particular city. Say if somebody is curious what bands are emerging from Chicago for example. Or just new music in general. My new classifieds site Music Mecca allows for bands to post about themselves, or for people to post inquiring in particular cities. It also allows you to find band members, instruments, music teachers, music techs, songwriters, & more.

Hope to get some insight, and also hope some of you check out the site!

John Watt

Here in the Niagara Peninsula, southern Ontario, or Northern New York for most,
the global home for the first transmission of commercial hydro electricity,
technology, especially American technology, has taken away most live gigs for bands.
Where you can go to hear live music, featured as "Free Live Bands",
is the first Niagara Falls casino, where, set up on a stage built into the side of the ground floor restaurant,
a cafe kind of place,
the Province of Ontario hires Ontario bands to play, the house sound system and sound man supplied.
Without any gambling machines present, no waitress is there to bring you free, non-alcoholic drinks,
so a self-serve drinks bar is set up for you, different fruit juices, coffees and teas, or water.

The new casino features a big, showcase theatre, usually acts from the disUnited States,
with expensive tickets.
However, there are only good odds you won't get caught up in a serial shooting.

As per previous comments in "new members introduce yourself",
comments that were negative about your use of the name Music Mecca,
I still would change it for this reason.
Mecca is somewhere you are supposed to journey to at least once in your life,
if not just once a year,
and I'm sure you'd want users to return more than that.

John Watt

Matthew! I was starting to feel a little recognizant last night,
about this previous reply to you, call it being a little too glib, if you want.
I should have recognized your scientific use of technology, not taking it for granted,
and your efforts at compiling, when I didn't do anything more than just look at your home page.

Considering the questions I see you asking in other forums, I have some advice.
You should look at Kijiji.
A friend of mine used Kijiji for a social thesis for his university doctorate,
explaining what he was doing for me.
He was looking at various North American cities, evaluating there musical instruments for sale section,
to determine musical activity levels for various provinces, states, and the cities they include.
He saw that small Canadian cities could have over a hundred times more musical activity,
when a major American city barely had any.
All Kijiji musical pages have ads for musician services, from finding players and bands to recording.

But, as a musician myself, let me inform you about a new, social phenomena,
and that's the musicians who build up an online presence with "recordings",
either uploading pre-recorded songs or song videos, or using online domains to construct "songs".
Too many musicians answer ads for players for bands by saying, listen to me here, see me here,
but that's it, that's all they want to do, is get you to listen to them online,
never showing up or leaving that confine to be real in real time.
Steve Vai was the first recording guitarist to really disappoint me this way.
His magazine interviews were lengthy, trippy, professorial, and high-tech informative.
He was coming off as the most exciting new guitarist in America, out of L.A.
So when he was just over the border in Niagara Falls New York, with David Lee Roth,
a friend and I went to see him.
He was a very ordinary player, obviously using tech to speed his playing up, adding notes,
when he never came close to sounding that way live.
It was nice to see Billy Sheehan, who was playing bass.
I jammed with him when his big Buffalo band, Pegasus, played my home town.
That was a very popular Saturday matinee, non-stop jamming until band time at nine.

John Watt

Hey! For the first time in a long, long time, I'm looking for other players,
wanting to start a new band.
I've just looked at Kijiji so far, not even visiting my favorite music store,
but it's okay not to be so ambitious right away,
because I'm still finishing my two semi-solid-body guitars.
And while I've been taking care of my fingers,
I've got to start playing again slowly, never having callouses,
but building up fingertip strength and endurance.

The new millennium is in my brain, all this new technology, it don't work the same.
It's kind of funny, tiny music, signals that most buy, 'scuse me, I don't miss that sky.