What. has made you happy today?

John Watt

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I was half-paid for an apartment painting job,
and I just found out I don't have to work there any more.
The mother of the new tenant is taking over.

When I made a $3,500 roof-top illuminated sign for Fabricland in Cambridge and Welland,
head office asked if I would come to Toronto to get paid.
They offered me a quarter of Ontario with a big sign shop and employees.
I said no, but said I have a comment about their products, being a shopper myself.
I said they didn't have any native Canadian fabric designs, and the Haida were my favorite.
They phoned me weeks later to say they contracted a Haida artist to design a new fabric,
and I went in and bought some as soon as it came in.

This is still meaningful enough for me to do a scan just for you, elderpiano.
Whenever I use my old sign-painting projector to do a big Haida artwork copy,
doing those red, black and white ones, I sell it right away.
This scan is actual size.

Haida artwork.jpg


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That is truly fascinating, thank you. Though I don't know what you can use the fabric for.
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