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You might be interested to know that what I am listening to right now. That's a trivial reason of my decision to begin a new theme. Sure, a batch of old masters or illustrious groups will be familiar to prog-rock fans. But the other performers may not ring any bells for you immediately - therefore I’ll give you clues enough... :)

THE SOURCE - 'All Along This Land'.

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A link to review.

One track from their debut album.


Prog Head

ORA NOMBRO - 'Between Man and Machine'.

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Strutterzine: 'ORA NOMBRO is a surprise band from Italy, because their CD ‘Between Man and Machine’ sounds like a high quality record, despite the fact this is a small independent release. The band is playing excellent melodic Progressive Rock/Metal, not really far away from ASTRA, SEVENTH WONDER and a little WONDERLAND (especially vocally!) meets VISION DIVINE can be heard too, yet the difference is that a lot of instrumental passages are present throughout the 9 long tunes included on the CD, which sound like DREAM THEATER meets ELP. The reason for that is this Milan/Italy based band is actually a threesome without a vocalist, but happily a few of the songs are done with vocals, thanks to vocalist PINO TOZZI stepping up to the mic here and we all know him from the excellent TIME MACHINE of course. The songs are slightly calmer here and there, so perhaps Progrock is more suitable, but also the fans who look for strong melodies should check out this CD, because this is really a very impressive melodic prog-rock album from start to finish, so something for everyone. A mix of mentioned bands is the best way to describe this and especially the trilogy suite of opener “Emotional Bug” is worth checking out'.


Prog Head

10 cc - 'Food For Thought' (compilation).

10cc - Food For Thought (front cover).jpg

10cc are an English art rock band. Initially comprised of four musicians - Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme - who had written and recorded together for some three years, before assuming the "10cc" name in 1972 - two strong song-writing teams, injected sharp wit to lyrically-dextrous songs. Stewart and Gouldman created the band’s most accessible songs; Godley and Creme were the experimental half of 10cc, featuring an Art School sensibility and cinematic writing

Prog Head



The Barstool Philosophers - Sparrows (cover).jpg

In my estimation, it’s a very impressive album which can be easily match with some finest moments in the Queensryche catalogue. Based on melody and bombast, featuring vocal performance a'la Geoff Tate, this offer sounds really great. Kinda a surprise that prog-metal genre aficionados should seek out.

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