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Prog Head


Prog Head

DYNAMO BLISS - '21st Century Junk (2010).

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In my description.

If you relish to have the new music produced in a carefully-crafted manner, then pay attention to DYNAMO BLISS. This Swedish band is able to recreate the exciting retro-sound. Among of references I could give as traces are: The Beatles, ELO, Klaatu, Alan Parsons and 10 cc. The harmony vocals have a great deal of importance, drawing emotions and state of mind. The keyboards shine quite often and offer a lot of new perspectives. The guitar playing is splendid, the bas and drums are noteworthy. A delicacy of material keeps better each time you take it in... In sum up: '21st Century Junk' is an album that's highly enjoyable to listen to.

Prog Head

ISOS - 'Loving on Stand by' (2014).

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To illuminate things further, I wanna append my own description.

What originally started out as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Vincent Leboeuf Gadreau from Canadian band Inner Odyssey, expanded into a collaboration involving the mastermind (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, lead singing, keyboards, samples), Etienne Doyon (drums, percussion), Mathieu Chamberland (piano, additional keys), Dominique Plante (Rhodes and strings), Marie Demers (backing vocals). Their first album ‘Loving on Standby’ is a passionate exploration of identity, amazing release full of musical depth and sonic variety. As a whole, ISOS sounds quite Floydian, but there’re heavier fragments that have a vibe to can remind of Porcupine Tree. The effect is hypnotic and, at times, pretty potent. It unfolds into a challenging yet accessible listening experience. Filled with intelligent, diverse, compelling playing and memorable voice, CD ‘Loving on Standby’ can jostle for elbow-space with the finest records of 2014 thus far!!! Anybody whose tastes run to atmospheric, melodic mid-tempo prog should embrace this newcomer who knocks down the door and is right there in your face with all its musical awesomeness. RECOMMENDED!

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