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Prog Head

FANTASY - 'Beyond The Beyond' (recorded 1974, released 1992).


Beyond The Beyond (front cover).jpg

"Along with Spring and Cressida, Fantasy was one of the classic bands in the soft, symphonic and melodic vein of early British progressive rock. Very beautiful, atmospheric with great songwriting. Vocals are pleasant with lots of good harmonies. Arrangements are tasty with lots of atmospheric organ, Mellotron and guitar. Overall, this is classic stuff".

Prog Head

TEDDY JONASSON - 'The Royal Ghost'.

The Royal Ghost (front cover).jpg

'The Royal Ghost’ is a symphonic rock opera (musical). I can rank this opus next to such known albums like Nikolo Kotzev’s ‘Nostradamus’ and Clive Nolan’s Caamora -'She' (to name only a couple). Lyrically, the story takes in an old castle where the ghost and princess become friends to everyone’s despair. Musically, the vibe runs from old school rock to gentle ballads with hints of folk style and classic opera. Most of the tracks are based on memorable melodies and filled with great emotion. Six different singers (male and female) have been used.

Prog Head


- 'The Saga' (2006).

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A quote from the article.

"The album is a sci-fi/fantasy concept piece told through music and lyrics. This Dutch band ply predictable territory for their ilk: well-executed and melodic symphonic prog with liberal doses of Saga, Camel circa 'Dust and Dreams' and post-Gabriel Genesis. Instrumentally the songs incorporate moments of acoustic tranquility though for the most part they embrace electric prog rock replete with heroic lead guitar lines, crunchy power chords, grinding (digital) organ and twiddly synths. Sometimes they’re playing “if only Genesis had stayed a prog band through the 80s” game but for this sort of thing they are quite good. Vocalist Hein van den Broek is often the focal point of the songs though keyboard player Ardie Westdijk and guitarist Chris van Hoogdalem chew scenery with abandon as well. There seems to be a bottomless demand for this brand of prog rock and Ice are capable of satisfying it"...

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