What's that tune, (by the music video)


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I'm desperatley trying to find out what this tune is because the video to it is so amazing. Problem being i havn't got a clue how the tune goes, not a single hint! I'm pretty sure its electronic.

The video however is a whole load of cross-sectional digrams which are animated. EG. A cross-section of a house, and someone comes into the bathroom to clean their teeth, and turns on the tap, it then shows a cross-section of the water system and labels certain parts of it, then it show the water treatment plant where this water comes from, and cross-sectional labelled digrams of that. etc.

You'll probably only know it if you like the tune, or have watched it on a music channel and have a good memory for stuff like that. I saw it on Toni & Guy TV when i was having my hair cut!

Hope someone can help me



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Re: What\'s that tune, (by the music video)

Hi Ninja_Kid

I will ask around for you. I remember I was after a piece of music and I found a forum where I obtained the information. Unfortunately, I can't locate the link right now.

I will try to find out though...