Where are the good bands??


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Im born in 1963 an listened to all those legendary rock band of that time.The list is endless ;Deep Purple,Rainbow,CCR,Status Quo,ADDC,Slade,Queen,Nazareth...
These bands and many more made superb music with great guitar solos.
No such music are made today and I wonder why. Isnt todays musicians good enough ? Or does not good bands come through the needle eye because hip hop and rap crap music is taking too much space??


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hello gjedda63.

well... frankly, i don't know where to start. i don't like sounding harsh or agressive, i've always liked charing ideas and cultures. but i had to notice the "hip hop and rap crap music" part of your post. that makes me feel sorry because i love deep purple, i like rainbow, i find status quo nice to hear, and night at the opera by queen is one of the best albums i ever heard. i love jimmy page's work with led zeppelin. i love guitar, i play guitar myself. therefore i like a good solo from time to time. but music is not to be only what you like. and as an amateur of what i consider good hip-hop music (because there is some hip-hop that is real crap to my ears, exactly as some rock albums do), i can't accept you stating that this genre of music is merely crap.

shall i suggest that you get informed, by surfing the web, or going to record shops, sor even go to pubs where people perform, so that you can find what you're looking for?

friendly, Sunwaiter

John Watt

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Sunwaiter is being polite. I don't think this theme is worth a thread. I'll be thinking about gjedda63 the next time I hear a Ricola commercial. Guitarist from Norway, I did reply to you elsewhere about U2. And when I post pictures of my new, patentable semi-solid-body guitar, you'll know where the future of lead guitar is.


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great bands and great singers, all have left us! they are maybe sitting somewhere else and playing music for somebody else, see for Axl Rose for example!

John Watt

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They're all over, just not the old burned out bands you're dredging up from the past.
Okay, there are some ghosts of dead bands still haunting stages and recording studios.
And even an old rocker like me can play new songs with slacker beats, easy for heroic solos.
That's what I thought about Jimi's "Band of Gypsies", slow droning bass for jams.
Looking around Magle.dk always shows some new bands getting it together big time.


If you are talking about great bands you have to mention The Doors, Pink Floyd and Cream to mention just a few.

I like this thread and it is a good one.

I think the problem is that simply there is less money to be had in rock and roll, compared with the 70's when Led Zep and others where racking it in. Why spend time trying to build up a band's name when 1. it is even harder that ever to break in and 2. there is less to go around..........

Plus the old foggies wont die ie rolling stones and a cast of other assorted thousands!

John Watt

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By the nineties rock music was 80% of all music sales.
Now it's less than 12%.
Technology took away all those human jobs.
You just gotta find your own live music scene and be real about it.
Ain't no jam dam holdin'me down.

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Yeah, brother, I still know how to rock on, beating my guitar more than picking on the strings,
and I still like whipping the bassist with my cord and helping the drummer, hitting cymbals with my headstock,
but I'm getting smooth with it now, phasing and flanging and panning stereo volumes like an environmental atmosphere,
now with aspirations to innovate a symphonic-electric approach to live rock music.
I'm more grateful than ever that I was always a non-smoker, non-drinker,
so my vocals have a chance to evolve in this new conception.

John Watt

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Please don't think I'm being self-righteous or right-wing American religious left nutbar here,
when I talk about my life of mostly abstinence.
I was always part of the scene and onstage I had to be angelic to mean.
And I just took it for granted I was catching the necessary contact high from everyone else,
a nice way to go.
If I'm exuberant about it here, at my advanced age, it's the amount of self-preservation it's allowed,
even to where I can still sound like my choir boy voice.

Thanks for the interest about myself.
When I finish my new guitar and start rehearsing with a new recording studio owning partner,
I'll be sure to get something up here.
That'll change whatever respect and friendship I've engendered here, but I'll take that chance.
I'm trying to be symphonic electric, a lead guitar virtuoso, with accompanying vocals.
You might be inspired to new uses of your cigar after that.
Cool looking forward to it- cigars we will wait and see- I like my temptations & indulgences

“It's not that you should never love something so much that it can control you.
It's that you need to love something that much so you can never be controlled."

You never know- I'm currently putting some more music together - I live to refer to it as either WUFM (wife unfriendly music) or MOMD (music of mass destruction!)

John Watt

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"temptations & indulgences", got me this time, breaking a primal rule,
no long distance bike-hikes in the dark without shoes, socks and long pants.
I bought some Speedo bike, uh, slippers, what I called beach shoes.
I liked the idea of wrapping my toes around the pedals and pressing my arches more,
a better chiropractic exercise than ordinary running shoes.
So I took off with the Speedos, no socks or long pants, and took a big hit.
It wasn't poison oak, ivy or sumac, what I've had before, and I got really sick.
I was cold and shaking, coming home from the pharmacy, so I had a hot bath, feeling good.
But the steam spread the disease into my eyes, nose, mouth and lungs.
After two days I couldn't breathe, once because of soft tissue damage rising up around my tongue,
and the other was my lungs congesting.
I'm still under 50% lung capacity, but I'm walking around and visiting here, very tired.
This affected my mind. I watched a movie in the morning and later that day, not remembering.
I'm so tired and almost thought free it feels like a different me.
Local farmers say this toxin will change me, and I agree.
I feel spectral, walking around, barely having any energy, feeling thin up front.
No meal for eight days, no urination for five days, yeah, I lost six pounds already.

I don't think I could survive a fully frontal MOMD assault.


Sorry to hear that you have been so unwell John. Was it a plant that did it or toxins in the ground. Trust you will feel better soon.