Who counts as Prog Rock now?


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I was thinking about the definitions of Prog Rock and working out which modern bands may fall into the category. The major problem comes with the length of compositions and musicianship.

Vocally, Muse and Radiohead have the unusual vocal styles that could fit, but the songs are too short and there is a distinct lack of extravagent solos.

The last two Sparks albums have most of the major criteria, but again lack the solos, and nobody is ever going to call Sparks Prog-rock - they are just too funny.


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As my username suggest I am a big fan of Muse and love the brooding style of vocalist Matthew Bellamy. I would also like to know if there are any good modern-day progressive rock bands (apart from Tool)? Sigur Ros perhaps ?


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Good call on Sigur Ros - very interesting Icelandic band. I bough the CD, Agaetis Byrjun, a few weeks ago and it is very distinctive and original. But like Sparks I don't think that the would be considered Prog Rock as it's not really loud enough.


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The best new Prog Band by far is the band Frost with their CD release, heads above Dream theatre or Flower King or Tool - Trully innovative!

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My favorite new prog band is Waterclime. Really uplifting, airy symphonic prog rock by Andreas Hedlund, the singer/guitarist/keys player from Vintersorg and vocalist Borknagar. Excellent band, definitely good for fans of older prog like Yes and Uriah Heep.

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Post rock: Sigur Ros, Godspeed you black emperor
Prog metal: Dream theater, Symphony X, Riverside
Neo prog: Marillion, IQ, Arena, Pendragon
Miscellaneous: Porcupine Tree, Muse, Radiohead, Mars Volta

to name a few....


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Ok Computer was a great prog rock CD. It blended a bunch of styles, seemlessly. "Paranoid Android" is one of the greatest prog rockers every recorded. Queens of the Stone Age - SONGS FOR THE DEAF, is another modern recording which pushes the limits of hard rock. The title song is another one of them tunes that defies description. Also Kyuss - BLUES FOR THE RED SUN is another one to check out.


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