Why is it?


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That private firms can make huge profits from work "outsourced" by local and national government, yet the councils or governments can't?

Some local councils are now using private companies to enforce anti-litter laws including collecting on the spot fines of which only a percentage goes to the council.

Another council near here has outsourced nearly all its office and admin departments (the company involved is hovering on bankruptcy)

What next?



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It really is crazy Mike, our refuse collection is in private hands. The council used to send round one lorry to collect the rubbish, now we have one lorry for household rubbish, one lorry for green wheelie bins and another one for the pink recycling sacks. It annoys me that we pay our council tax for the council to get other people to do their work.


I was throwing empty bottles into the recycling bank the other day when I was distracted by the noise they made and the distance they appeared to travel once I had poked the different coloured bottles into the respective openings. Climbing up on it (strictly against the rules of course) I peered in, and my suspicions were confirmed. There were no divisions inside, and all the different colours ended up mixed together in one big bin. So much for recycling.



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We have been contracting out 99% of work previously the responsibility of councils and government it a disgrace but of course is the ideology of the free market which a Labour government tricked us into in 1984 and is now loved by both political parties. absolutely bonkers :mad::mad::mad::mad: