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I recently recieved a double release on Angel Air,Carmen-The Gypsies/Widescreen 2cd set,CD225. It is two distinct bands with two related but different sounds and shared personell,but 20 ish years apart. The sleeve notes are a bit hard to get to grips with ,like a lot of my posts they meander.
It is a great fusion between rock and flamenco.

The Gypsies
Roberto Amaral
John Glascock (a wee bit fragile)
Paul Fenton
Angela Allen.


David clark allen
laurence Elliot-Potter
Julian Ferrareto.

Some names I know just not sure if they are the same people.
The Widescreen album is excellent,the Carmen ok but really dated.
I would encourage any proggers to buy it,and if you are not familiar with Angel Air have a look, they release lots of preveously impossible to find oldies.
and No! I have no interest in the company....:D