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I got a notice from them that they longer would offer support and no updates until mine bit the dust. Luckly I had stored most of my important files,videos, photo in the cloud ( amazon one and real player cloud -free) and rest in folders on my att mail SO didn't loose anything when it crashed ..just had to download a few programs again..Am getting better finding my way around 8.1 but sure takes some work. Good Luck everyone when changing.


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I'm blowed if I know Mike .... any one any ideas?

This [reposted] news bit from the Telegraph reads in part ...

The UK government announced last week that it had negotiated a special deal with Microsoft to provide Windows XP support and security updates across the whole UK public sector for the next 12 months, at a cost of £5.548 million.

It's only for those in the UK ... no where else in the world apparently. Appears per that article that support will continue for XP users, in the UK, until April 2015.



Thats just for the public sector Lars, not for the proles in the private sector. I no longer receive support since the 14th. Why Mike is receiving updates I do not know. I will buy an second hand machine with 7 which will cost me about £150 for a decent machine in grade A condition.



Maybe updates don't count as support.

A couple of days ago I shut down my PC which proceeded to install 3 updates, I powered up a few minutes later and got the "Updates are ready for your computer" when it was almost finished booting.
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