“Wonderwall” by Oasis – The BEST Cover EVER?


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Hey guys, I recently did a cover of Wonderwall by Oasis. I put A LOT OF EFFORT into making this the most unique cover of their song out there.

It’d be awesome if you all could give this a watch and tell me what you think. I hope it brings you guys some value <3


John Watt

AdonaiTheProducer, as well as the singer-guitarist we're seeing here.
It's too easy to comment on another musician, especially someone you don't expect to ever meet.
Saying "best cover ever" is really setting yourself up to only be put down,
but I won't, except for this, as the producer you are.

I'm putting this Paul Anka version up, for his version, and he's a local artist for me,
but also because this page offers you other artists doing their Wonderwall versions.
I think one mans' name is Alex Groot, and his acoustic has more tone and resonance than your electric,
a huge weakness for tone and presence, more plinky than plonk.
While you make every self-conscious effort to sing the vocal and sustain the notes,
especially at the end, as a producer observer, it only makes me want addition vocals,
as harmony, as accents, and additions to the main melody.

When I had a sign shop in Port Colborne, one of my partners' employees loved this song,
when it came out, so I was hearing it a couple of times every day.
Having the original in my head, from back then, and letting these new versions percolate with it,
show your version to be trying to be too true to the original,
unless you just think you have a better voice and look better in your video.
You don't even make eye contact with the camera, the easiest way to engage your viewer.
And you need a camera helper.
I'd like to see you doing this with a band, which would help add a sense of urgency.