Wot, no tax?


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Isn't it about time that some action should be taken over tax avoidance/evasion by multinationals and other rich fat cats.

Starsucks pay £8M in 14 years, by such means as "having to pay the parent company" for "intellectual property" (how much for a name or logo?) and paying off a loan from same parent company at 4% over the odds

Telling the tax man they made a loss, yet telling investors that they're making a profit.

About time for a new rule world wide

If you work or trade in a country you pay all relevant taxes to that country.

No excuses, dodges or fiddles, no offshore accounts to hide your money, pay up just like every other citizen has to. Then I can see money becoming available for improvements in education, health care, infrastructure (roads & railways etc).

I can see a lot of accountants and financial advisors (read parasites for a lot of them) going out of business if this ever happens, if they have advised on tax evasion/avoidance then they deserve to go.[/rant]

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Your intent is well put - However, it will not only be the accountants and financial advisors that go out of business. The multinational companies will withdraw from foreign countries because of double taxation, which means that many jobs will be lost.

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It has to be determined on a case by case basis: as Mike so aptly puts it, there are a lot of these companies--in this country as well--who are literally getting away with murder, while the rest of us 47 per centers {yes, I am one of them} end up having to pay a higher--and more unfair--proportion of our incomes in taxes than corporations making billions in profits. Now that I am on a fixed income--at least temporarily--I have noticed the pinch a lot more than when i was working and could look forward--at least occasionally--to the odd raise and/or "bonus" {read overtime}.


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The NZ Charities Act 2005 gives tax-free status to any organisation that advances religion, some said this was supporting a belief in the supernatural.
The Churches have no wealth and the priests are very poorly paid.