Your opinion 'bout this site

John Watt

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Oh no! I did click the link and scroll around the page.
I agree with "no redirection is found",
very confusing for the non-involved.
And I didn't see any free cookies.


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I guess that I am confused here, Toxico.

So there is this site called 'dailymotion' ... and we have number relating to that site. Are you soliciting for this site?

John Watt

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Growing up in Canada with Texaco Gasoline, the Texaco movie of the night,
and all those NASCAR Texaco moments, all historic American TV,
I'm surprised my anti-Texas attitude of the Lone Star Porn Star state,
didn't come up with this obvious play on words.
Good for you Toxico, and I betcha you get more mileage with your own gas.

John Watt

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Texaco, er, Toxico rains supreme.
That's why he's above us,
and not going below.

When Texaco came out with high octane gas,
the slogan was Texaco reigns supreme.

It's not so bad to get confused a little,
and as far as gas,
I hope all of you seniors aren't afraid to fart.
"La Fear dela Fartos", the new single by Senor Citizen,
with a female answer song from Russia, "Blatski blatski skirtski".

And if you're even in bed, trying as hard as you can to impress your lover,
and all the pressure you have left is gastric,
and you want to light a blue-flamer, make sure you have some underwear on.
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