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Hi teddy.

Wow! It's been really long. I have been gone for many years! I hope you are fine.
I still play guitar. I'll make a few videos.������
Thanks, elderpiano - I love Simon & Garfunkel too. :)
Hope you're having a nice Sunday.
Love, 'Ella' xx
Hello Chris, I replied to your contact. You are not arrived at all? However, if you do not have data for the access to the download of my website now remedy.
Login: Users
Passw: odf541925
Regards, Antonio.
Haha at times I'm just as impatient for it as you are! I have a number of programs this spring where several performers play one or two things each, so not a big production but hopefully I will have some performances online soon. Solo recitals come in the next two years I guess, I'll have to look again and find out the exact criteria of my degree. Indeed, one of the best things about sharing on YouTube and elsewhere is having extra opinions and audiences - even though not too many people will watch it, you're basically giving a concert for the whole world. I appreciate your interest...
Hej Lars!

Haven't ever (yet !) played an organ in Sweden, but I have a non-organ-playing friend in Harnosand who said Harnosand Cathedral has a new organ. Although we've no plans whatsoever to visit Sweden in the near future, just wonder whether you know anything about the new organ there? Realise you're a considerable distance north!


I received your email at my address.. thanks.. do you use both the the hotmail and gmail ones?
Hi, im unable to sent an email to your address given to me, and worst part...i dont know how to go to the page you sent me your email to reply you there...
Checking to see how things are going for you. When is your recital you mentioned to me? Any post of your playing anywhere..maybe should put some on youtube as you might get extra support and helpful comments ( and the usual assholes that comment ..LOL). Stay warm and Take care. Good luck with your continued studies.....Bill
If you have a personal email address please send it to me as I have friends around the world and maybe I can locate someone who can help you out with the they can contact profile has my private email's use: [email protected]
Hi Lars
Thanks for your answer.
I saw the warning 4 times, twice on the pipe organ forum and twice on the electronic organ forum; but 5 or 10 minutes later there was no more warning.
The trojan redirDL-inf seems to be well known on the Net. Some people say that it is a bug of Avast.
Hi Jean-Paul,

This is the first instance of something like this happening. Everything looks and runs normal when I logged in today, and no warnings from my antivirus (Norton) or from Ad-Aware appeared.
It would be next to impossible for a 'trojan' to attach itself to one specific area of the forum and not the whole site. The only explanation I can offer is that your AV software possibly detected an uploaded file in a posting that could possibly be infected. I always right click those myself and check before downloading.

I'll mention this to Frederik ... possibly he has some thoughts on it as well, which I will pass on to you.

Best Regards,
Hi Lars

My Antivirus AVAST warn me about a trojan when I open the pipe organ forum and the electronique organ forum.
I have sent you a screenshot by mail for you can get more infos.
Hello OrganoPleno105,
I'd really like to have the "chant donné" score too. It's a lovely piece, and seems less dificult than other Duruflé's work.
This piece was an composition exercice when he was studient.
The titles means that the teachers "give" the melody and the studients had to make all the others harmonic voices under it...

Can you please send me a copy of the score at : [email protected]
Thanks a lot !

Hi Jean-Paul,

In your tutorial of 5 years ago, you wrote:
"In a next tutorial we will see how to add Divisionals, tremulants
;* and how to use twice the same sample with the REF command."

Did you ever produce the other tutorials? If yes, where can I find them?

That's too bad! I'd honestly be interested in playing them but I don't have the equipment for such a project.
Oh no no not at all! I was happy you accepted! I just wasn't sure how to continue the conversation heh. See I'm a bit socially awkward at times. My entire department is pretty much isolated from the rest of the school. The only other school staff I usually see are art teachers and my assistant band director for the most part.