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Hello, I am an arts and entertainment student from Germany and I am writing a seminar paper on “The attractiveness of streaming services from opera houses for young audiences”. Therefore I am searching for participants to conduct an online group interview via zoom. I am looking for opera enthusiasts, who have experience using streaming services to watch opera, speak English and are between 18 and 40 years old.
If you are interested pls feel free to contact me. I only need between 4 to 8 Participants. I am very grateful for anyone who takes part and will give each one a 15$ Amazon gift card.
Hello listmajer. Many years since the discussion about the song in the Stupid man movie, but I wonder if you get the answer and can share it with me?? Would been greatfull. Searching for hours, been on Davids homepage but without no result. Do you know the name of the song, and where to find it??? Thanks in advance. /Roy
I saw the little red circle and clicked it, something new for me,
and I see "30SWG", a new member, is following me.
I can tell you where I'm going, looking for new posts, hopefully this month.
I could be building my new website, but I'm not.
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This just indicates that another member is interested in your posts and decided to follow you through the discussion proccesses here. This does not mean that they are a stalker ... just someone who seems to like your posts.
Corno! Corno Dolce! Is this you? This is John Watt, someone you really helped by being you.
Please let me know how you're doing, obviously no longer in Russia.
Sorry about the slurs. That's not good for upright bass in symphonies.
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"Corno" is not "Corno Dolce". Corno is one of the original staff members here from way back when. He was my mentor when I was added to the staff of this site. I have no idea what ever became of "Corno Dolce" ... last I knew he was in Russia.
Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures across the globe.

The emotions caused by music, the attitudes of its composers and players, and the venues it is played can also vary from time to time and place to place. The music one person loves might be painful for another to listen to, and vice versa!
Hello Chris, I replied to your contact. You are not arrived at all? However, if you do not have data for the access to the download of my website now remedy.
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Passw: odf541925
Regards, Antonio.
Haha at times I'm just as impatient for it as you are! I have a number of programs this spring where several performers play one or two things each, so not a big production but hopefully I will have some performances online soon. Solo recitals come in the next two years I guess, I'll have to look again and find out the exact criteria of my degree. Indeed, one of the best things about sharing on YouTube and elsewhere is having extra opinions and audiences - even though not too many people will watch it, you're basically giving a concert for the whole world. I appreciate your interest...
Hej Lars!

Haven't ever (yet !) played an organ in Sweden, but I have a non-organ-playing friend in Harnosand who said Harnosand Cathedral has a new organ. Although we've no plans whatsoever to visit Sweden in the near future, just wonder whether you know anything about the new organ there? Realise you're a considerable distance north!


Hi, im unable to sent an email to your address given to me, and worst part...i dont know how to go to the page you sent me your email to reply you there...
Checking to see how things are going for you. When is your recital you mentioned to me? Any post of your playing anywhere..maybe should put some on youtube as you might get extra support and helpful comments ( and the usual assholes that comment ..LOL). Stay warm and Take care. Good luck with your continued studies.....Bill